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Australian Resume Writing Services

At Wordsmith Consultants we build custom resumes, tailored for the Australian market. There are plenty of international services offering cheap resume services and these can be useful for people looking for basic formatting on a budget. However, for Australians looking for a tailored, market-specific resume development service, Wordsmiths is here to develop resumes exactly fitting the expectations of our national economy.

Australian Formats and Styles

Compared to the US, for example, resumes in Australia tend to run longer and dedicate more content to listing specific achievements and projects. More emphasis is placed on staking out a clear and unique area of expertise. On the other hand, the local convention is to stay away from sales-speak: instead of describing yourself as a dynamic and charismatic professional, simply state what you have done and let the reader draw their own conclusions.

There are similarly specific conventions for the development of selection criteria, cover letters, expressions of interest and other application documents.

Having a resume that looks and sounds like it was developed onshore will also help with demonstrating that you understand Australian employment culture and have an intuitive sense of how to be effective here.


Local Market Knowledge

Wordsmith Consultants writes resumes for Australians across the country and can also advise on subtle changes relevant to different local markets. By way of an example, someone moving from Sydney to the Gold Coast would profile a more diverse range of skills because the smaller applicant pool means that jacks-of-all-trades are highly valued. A move to the Canberra market will require a resume with at least a nod to the public sector whereas the Brisbane market, which is increasingly seen as a start-up hub, often requires a more entrepreneurial style.

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Of course, another benefit of working with an Australian resume writing service is that we’re here at the other end of the phone to talk through your experience, answer your questions and keep you up to date with progress throughout the process.

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