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When you’re in (or ready for) an executive role, your resume requirements change. Whatever technical discipline you came from, in Executive positions the focus of the executive resume becomes high level leadership, management, commercial vision and operational effectiveness. This presents a challenge. After all, if you are talking about your skills in managing a P&L, overseeing mission-critical commercial relationships and leading a team of Executives then so are all the other candidates. Writing an executive resume that secures a leadership role depends on quickly establishing these basic credentials and then moving on to a real point of difference.



An experienced Head of Operations, with a decade’s experience in similar positions might build a value proposition around a track-record of business viability through times of economic fluctuation; a Finance Director, new to the job but with a background in a Big 4 audit firm might profile their effectiveness in helping businesses identify and address major corporate risk.

If you’re a Director of Technology, perhaps you’ve been ahead of the curve in transforming ICT from a back office cost centre into a facilitator of future business strategy; if you’re looking at the Vice President of Commercial, maybe your resume will focus on underpinning rapid revenue growth with the scalable business processes.


We work with you to articulate a value proposition that is unique and bankable, comprising:

Track-record and legacy to past companies

  • Credentials and capability statement

  • Vision for the organisation and its market

  • Industry profile

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