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Wordsmiths can provide all of your technical sector job application requirements.   Resumes  Cover letters  Selection criteria  Expressions of interest  Application questions

Wordsmiths can provide all of your technical sector job application requirements.


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Writing Resumes for IT Executives and Professionals

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A quality resume for IT professionals should be an aspirational document. What that means in practice is that consideration should be given to where you want to go as well as where you are now. The skills that you need for your next role and the role after that need to start appearing in the resume as they develop.

So many of the resumes we see here contain lists of technical skills sets, programming languages and system, network, architecture and application proficiencies. These are certainly important, particularly when they refer to emerging technologies that not everyone will yet be familiar with.

On the other hand, as your career progresses your technical skill-sets will begin to be less important than your understanding of the business context, commercial environment, abilities as a leader and communicator and understanding of how to design initiatives that keep pace with a constantly changing technological landscape.

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Consider the attached diagram, which includes just a few of the most common IT professions we work with here at Wordsmiths.

If you’re a Programmer, you mostly need to be proficient at programming but by the time you’re looking at moving up into a Software Developer role, you’re going to need to draw in adjacent skills, like project management.

If you begin in a role with a particular niche area of expertise, such as Security Analyst, yes early in your career, your focus will be on things like pen-testing or upgrading firewalls but more senior roles, will also bring in aspects of other quadrants, like network administration.

Executive Resumes for CIO, CTO and IT Director Positions

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By the time, you’re ready for a management, director or C-suite role, you will need at least a working knowledge of each of these areas to get the best out of your frontline team.

Alongside these subject areas, more senior personnel need strong communication skills to position IT as a trusted partner to the rest of the business, the human intelligence to get the best out of their team and the commercial acumen to align IT efforts with organisational strategy.

So, when it comes time to write your professional IT resume, it is important to cover the full range of relevant skills, both technical and operational.

Technical Resume Writing


Another complicating factor is that the first readers of your resume, may not be IT experts. If your resume goes to a Recruiter or a Human Resources Manager, they may very well not understand what you mean by WAN / LAN networks or hybrid-cloud architectures, machine learning or UAT testing of UI/UX.

This does not mean that you need to spell it all out but it is worth thinking about answering the so-what question. If you were involved in a major upgrade project, involving deployment of a new network architecture, what was the benefit to the business? Did it deliver a more stable network with greater uptime; did it resolve risks and costs associated with technological obsolesce?

As well as making your resume more intelligible to a non-technical audience, this approach will show that you have an understanding of where your work sits within the big picture. IT resumes are information-dense. Communicating high quantities of information without impacting quality requires thought regarding structure, format and content. Our resumes help you parse and articulate your skills and key achievements, whilst taking out repetitious or irrelevant older content so that the final document is clear, concise, intelligible and impressive.   

To see how we can help you showcase your technical proficiencies and stake out a point of difference, send us your old resume today to: send@sendresu.me or call 1300 799 213 for a chat about your requirements.