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Resume Writing for Managers

Our expert management resume service can help develop:

  • Management style and track-record of performance

  • Licence to lead (based on your underlying skill-set)

  • Legacy in previous positions

  • Career-making projects, programs and initiatives

  • Credentials

It has been said that in the first few years of your working life, you are promoted based on skills and strengths whereas in senior roles you progress instead on your ability to rise above areas of weakness.

At this level, senior managers and executive resumes should be profiling a complete package, with those early level technical proficiencies, augmented with a solid track-record, demonstrable experience as well as professional maturity, self-awareness and an ability to collaborate towards shared goals.


Recruiting for roles with strategic, governance and leadership requirements, is more than just backfilling a vacant position. Companies need to see the value you can create for their organisation and the energy you bring; they also need to be assured that they can defend their choice of candidate to shareholders, the Board and other interested parties.

Building a senior management resume which works as both a due diligence exercise and also a marketing document, hinges on demonstrating the core skills of the role, such as leadership of personnel and contributing to strategy but more than this, it requires a clear articulation of the problems to which you are just the right solution.


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for managers of operations, projects and people as well as some senior professionals

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