Developing your Personal Brand


Personal Branding

Brands used to belong to companies and were seen mostly as a compound of visual elements such as the logo, colour palette and perhaps a tag-line. Brands now refer to a holistic image, comprising points-of-difference relative to the competition as well as reputation and profile.

For individuals, especially those in executive and leadership positions, a personal brand is now a fact of life.

As more of our career track-records are publicly available, via LinkedIn, social media, company websites, industry publications and so on, we have personal brands whether we want them or not.

Just as for companies, these brands are the image we present to the world and become associated with expectations of credibility, integrity, peer recognition and expertise in the minds of colleagues, co-workers, employers past, present and future, recruiters and so on.

Personal Branding Process

For those serious about progressing their career, it would be wise to take control of this brand well ahead of the next big job application. The place to start is an audit of your online brand. How do you present to the world and what will a future employer find if they google you? The next stage is to take control.

Building your own personal brand starts with a personal brand strategy, starting with how you would define your personal brand before creating a customised brand development plan, typically with a strong online presence and initiatives designed to raise and maintain profile in your chosen area of expertise.

Service Options

A keyword-optimised personal website is an excellent first step. This can be augmented with blogswhite papers and eBooks contributions to online forums and various other techniques for building real depth in a particular subject area or industry. However you decide to present yourself it needs to be authentic, purposeful and intelligible.

Here at Wordsmiths, as with all the work we do with our clients, our job is to help you find and articulate your area of subject matter expertise. To find out how we can get you ready for your next promotion, get the conversation started today.