Redundancy Packages

Best Practice for Organisational Restructures

Providing a smooth and respectful exit for staff during organisational restructures is not just ethical practice but also good business. It is well understood that sometimes business needs change and staff cannot always be redeployed. How this process is managed will influence how the restructure is perceived by the market – as a necessary and well-handled fact-of-life or as the actions of an uncaring corporate machine. This in turn will influence customer confidence and how easy it is to rehire staff when the business next expands.


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Respectful Exits

When we talk about redundancy, it is important to remember that a position may become redundant but a person does not. Redundancy processes are not driven by the poor performance of an individual or team but rather by changes in the human resource needs of the business. The HR team must make it clear in every way possible that the person or people being let go still have value to the market in general. Doing this right reduces the risk of negative legal outcomes as well as later problems with media and morale.

As well as basic expectations about transparency in communication, sufficient warning and a financial package, many organisations aspiring to best practice will work with staff to help them find their next role.

Wordsmith Consultants offers group discounts to restructuring businesses and works with each staff member individually to help them create new resumes to turn redundancy into a new opportunity.

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Why Outsource?

Going to an outsourced provider, such as Wordsmiths, can be a valuable way of signalling that the welfare of the outgoing staff is of utmost importance. An in-house team, the same team that is managing the redundancy, may be viewed with mistrust, whereas an external provider is seen as a genuinely impartial provider of valuable support and service.

Wordsmiths takes this responsibility seriously, knowing that the quality of support provided during this critical time has a direct impact on the reputation of our corporate clients and the well-being of our individual customers.

Because Wordsmiths has been working with people going through redundancy processes for close to a decade, we offer real expertise in helping people achieve rapid re-entry to the workforce. Perhaps the single most important part of this exercise is ensuring that the resume focusses on what the individual can offer, what they excel at, why someone should hire them - rather than why they were let go. In the middle of a redundancy process, it can be difficult for the individual to maintain this positive perspective; we’re here to make sure they do.

What We Can Help With

  • Resumes

  • Cover letters

  • Selection criteria

  • Expressions of interest

  • Interview presentations