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Sales and Marketing Resumes


“I sell for a living but I just can’t market myself.”

Often this is the first thing we hear from customers looking for a marketing resume or a resume for roles in sales and business development.

If you’re great at your job but stuck when it comes to your own resume, you’re not alone. Sometimes it takes the perspective of a second pair of eyes to figure out what elements to profile from a long and illustrious career (or for that matter one that’s just getting started).

Getting Results and Showcasing Your Impact

Perhaps more than in any other career, sales and marketing professionals are driven by results. When it comes to writing a professional resume, this is of great benefit. Most sales executives will have clear performance indicators to showcase and demonstrate the impact they’ve had.

Of course, the numbers have to make sense to an external audience so context is key. Is 102% of KPI a good outcome or a bad outcome? If the rest of the team pulled in 200% then maybe not; if the portfolio had never done better than 80% before you took it over, then absolutely yes. If you won Sales Rep of the Year for a team of two, we might recommend focussing on more externally relevant results but if that’s out of a global business with hundreds of salespeople then that should be front and centre.

Part of the skill in writing a business development resume is finding quick and easy ways to profile achievements, whilst providing enough background to make them relevant.

Facts and Figures

With sales and marketing resumes, any claims made about your skills, capabilities and results should be backed up with the numbers that prove them. We will help you determine the results that tell the right story, which might be:

Business Development

  • Revenue growth

  • Market-share increase

  • Margin performance improvement

  • New client acquisition figures

  • New business pipeline expansion


  • Number of new leads

  • Campaign performance (click-through, cut-through)

  • Improvement in client retention

  • Products (re-)launched

  • Brands brought to market

If there are good year on year numbers, showing movement in an upward direction, we may be able to use charts and diagrams to drive the message home.


Australian Resumes

If you’re new to the Australian market or have been searching the internet for examples of global best practice, it’s worth noting that Australian resumes (or Australian CVs if you prefer) are a little different. Generally, a little longer than their 1-page US counterpart, an Australian resume should be results and achievements-oriented.

Despite running to a few extra pages, content should be kept to strictly relevant information. An Australian resume does not need age, gender, ethnicity, religion, marital status or other non-professional information.

Our professional resume writers work with you to help uncover the specific and unique reasons to hire you.