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Wordsmiths can provide all of your educational sector job application requirements.   Resumes  Cover letters  Selection criteria  Expressions of interest  Application questions

Wordsmiths can provide all of your educational sector job application requirements.


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Writing Resumes for Teachers

As with any role, a teaching resume needs to cover your knowledge, skills, experience and achievements. Nevertheless there are some specific techniques for educators that will help you to showcase your professional practice to greatest effect.

Some of these will be about setting yourself apart with a unique approach to engaging with your students; others will be about showing that you’re in touch with current thinking and practice in contemporary education.

Our resumes typically include a statement about your educational practice. Perhaps you’re particularly adept at engaging with students from CALD communities or maybe your practice is based on embedding emerging technologies in teaching and learning.


Do you have a great track record with improving basic literacy and numeracy in your classroom, an innovative approach to developing gifted and talented students, a focus on values and school culture improvement, skills in behaviour management? Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, that’s where we begin.

In general, teaching agencies are conservative in their resume preferences so after the introductory statement, the resume uses a traditional presentation of work experience and education, arranged chronologically. Standing out is a matter of highlighting the achievements you’ve had and the additional responsibilities you’ve head, whether running after-schools clubs, leading year groups or contributing to school improvement programs.


Resumes for Government, Independent & Catholic Education

Resumes for these different streams of education in Australia have much in common. Nevertheless, there are some differences that need to be accounted for if moving from one to the other.

Government education resumes will usually have a formal selection criteria process. Although this varies by state, it is typical for there to be a requirement to create a response to a number of specific role requirements, in a separate document. Whatever the requirements are, these will be clearly laid out in the position description. If a selection criteria response is requested then each must be addressed separately, using specific examples drawn from your career.

Private schools are less likely to request a criteria response but will almost always expect a cover letter. The religion-based education sector in Australia is large, with 1 in 5 students nationally attending a Catholic school. An application to a religion-affiliated school should include a mention of values, especially your commitment to the mission and purpose of the school. This usually goes in the cover letter and/ or the introductory statement.


Casual Relief Teaching

Some Teachers teach in one school most of their career. Others choose to take on short-term assignments as CRTs. The greatest challenge with CRT resumes is to avoid looking messy and complex. Formatting the resume so that the focus stays on your skills, practice and achievements, rather than start and finish dates for every posting.

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